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I’m in the library

Well, I just decided to write while I have the last 18 minutes left available to use this computer. I really only came here to print out some shipping labels.

On December 18, 2015 I had the “sleeve” done to my body.  It’s a weight loss surgery where they remove 90% of your stomach and leave you with 10% and you basically lose weight. I would go in to more details but I’m just saying…look it up. Lol.

I’m also continuing to talk to Tink, she’s pretty awesome. I know it sounds crazy and I feel like I’ve mentioned this before  but it’s really nice to just like someone ( even if she is 700 plus miles away). She makes me laugh and smile and want for her.

My Christmas was just a damn day. It wasn’t eventful because I couldn’t’ even join in on the festivities and enjoy all of the delicious food around me. Instead I was stuck drinking protein shakes and eating Jello and sucking down popsicles.  My relationship with my mom is still not great but I love her anyway. Even though I get upset with her I just want her to know that this love that I have for her will never die out. She’s my one and only, and my main girl. We have so much fun with one another, it’s just that sometimes when she makes up stories about how she was there for us,  I lash out because I don’t think she remember the childhood my brothers and I have.  I don’t want to get in to any of that anyway.

I just wanted to write in here and just give you guys a little insight. I’m not sore really. I just have to continue to exercise, eat right and stay positive. When I’m with my family I’m a bit more negative and to be completely honest they blew and I’m glad they have left the building lol. I still love them though!

I have decided that although I care for Tink, I’m going to start dating again. I can’t sit around for someone who doesn’t want a relationship. She’s just as scared as I am. the thing we like the most about one another is the fact that we are really getting to know one another. you know fall and winter are the worst times of the year for human beings. So lets hope that when Spring comes and everything is coming back to life the both of us will too. We’re both sad/positive, lets smile through the pain kind of people.

My issues only began when my family came around, and boy I mean… I cried so damn much; more than I’ve cried since March.  I can’t go back there, I cannot and I will not. I love saying this, and to be honest its the goddamn truth: NOBODY PUTS BEE IN A CORNER.





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