Yeah, I said it

When I first saw you, I thought everyone could see what you did to me. I caught my breath and managed to introduce myself. I shook your firm hand and after picking up my white horse I rubbed the inside of my palm. Remembering. When my friend and I returned to the car she sighed. ” That’s Saint.” I looked out the window, staring into the darkness. “Oh,” I replied, pretending to not be interested, all the while thinking of this tall black king I’d just met. ” do they go together?” I asked, referring to her friend Summer.
“What?” Gina laughed. ” Naw, they’re just friends.”

That was a lie. I saw you two making faces the same night you asked me for my number. I cursed you out.
the next week you fucked me so good, I couldn’t walk straight for a week.

I didn’t see you for two months after that. Then I saw you once or twice a week, getting good dick, and laughter.

I really love your dick. I wish I could put it on everyone. I wish it could always feel like the first time.

I wish everything could feel like the first time.

You’re so good in bed. I just had to write about you so I won’t forget. You’ll be forgotten soon.


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