Who’s That Girl?

I decided that I ought to do some type of information about “Bee” Lol…
*I’m from Auburn, Al and I was born July 7, 1988, to my loverly parents. I have two older brothers. I am 21, and they are 22, and 24. We’re all in our 20’s lol that seems like I’m gettin up there when I say that…gaaah.
*I’m a graduate of AHS ’07. Wo0t! I currently attend an HBCU, Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama. I chose this school because it was the farthest from home, it was free, and because I’ve always wanted to experience being around nothing but my people, watching them thrive and succeed.

* I am 5’0…enough said!

*I came out to my parents November 2007, my first semester as a freshman in college. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Lol, I’m starting to think that my Dad thought I was playing, because not too long ago he asked me about some boy. I was like…I’m gay. Gay, gay, gay! My mom calls me special, and embraces every inch of me. My middle brother, always believed that I was a homosexual ’cause well…I’ve played with a couple of the same girls as he has. My oldest…he’s got a big problem with it, but when we see a fat ass…we have so much in common.
*I had my first real lesbian experience in May 2008, and I’ve been diggin’ in ever since.
*I’ve always known I’ve liked girls, I just couldn’t be so “out and about” in high school. I’ve been kissin’ on girls since the young age of 4.
*I didn’t know too many lesbians, and the ones that I wanted and needed to come out all waited for graduation to embrace it…as did I. It seems to be the thing.
*Out of all my close friends, I’m the only homo. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with but I have my fam friends to kick it with too.
*I love to write, and I write alot, alot. I love to sing, because well…I’m good at it. I sometimes like to play like I can’t.
*If I could I would have sex everyday…I would. Real talk.
*I’m majoring in English, although sometimes and probably quite often I don’t do grammar in blogs well. I want to be a teacher, probably some where up north. I’ve always wanted to live where I can be super gay, and do what I love the most.
*I’ve been in love once, and I still love her. I have current boo’s but It’s hard for me to love whole-heartedly. I wander alot…but I’ve only been with 4 women and two of them I’ve actually got to do the deed.
*I used to be a pillow dyke.
*I smoke that ganja, and drink a lil somethin’ somethin’…I love budlight!
*I love children (kinda crazy to put that under what’s above) and I want to open a daycare one day.
I suppose that’s a lil somethin’ somethin’ about Bee aka Bumblebee aka Brittani aka Tani buuut bka Bee.

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